Plastic Scoop

Plastic Scoop draws on contemporary narratives to express the ways in which our anxiety and fears about ocean pollution, plastic waste and global heating are presented. The film features gleaned archival moving image material and cinema footage from early ocean exploration, including nasa sound recordings with his own created and directed in-game Grand Theft Auto machinima.

Working in cooperation with Dr Mandy Bloomfield and the English faculty students at the University of Plymouth through discussion and workshops the film was co-developed through the exchange of ideas and concepts.

This film combines lingering temporal seascapes with faster paced violent action scenes. In this film Hughes has become a digital flaneur, various multiple avatars wander through virtual trashed filled streets and carparks, swim in the deep sea and fall from the sky like a modern day icarus. Plastic Scoop presents a haunting and thought provoking poetic journey into a world of pink cherry blossom and electric pylons, chemical factories, plastic trash and fields of wheat.

Project Funded by The Sustainable Earth Institute’s Creative Associate Award 2019. These awards are designed to uncover novel and innovative ways of communicating research to a public audience. The awards have been made possible through funding from the University of Plymouth Research Impact and Innovation Fund, which is financed by the University’s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) allocation.

Sustainable Earth Creative Associates 2019

Scheduled public film presentations will be posted later this summer.