Biennale of Research: Transformations, Collaborations.

Andy Hughes, Plastic Totem

Installation St Johns Church Bethnal Green | Andy Hughes – Plastic Totems (right)

Initiated in 2013 by the UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), the Biennale’s mission is to celebrate research in its broadest sense across UAL and with selected external partners. In 2017, Moose will form a part of UAL’s Research Fortnight. Moose encompasses individual researchers, collaborators, and also research taking place in libraries and archives. Building on PARC’s own mission to both produce and encourage high quality and innovative research, to mentor and to act as an ideas lab, Moose is bespoke and outward facing. It acknowledges that in an age of measuring and quantifying, that research is still magical, telling stories, exploring ideas, asking questions of the world around us.

Installation St Johns Church Bethnal Green

Following on from the highly successful 2014 show Making Time: New Photographic Constructions, and 2015 show Photo Pioneer: Photo Primitive at Penwith Society Gallery. William Arnold, Andy Hughes, Melanie King and Oliver Raymond Barker will be exhibiting new works that utilise a range of analogue and digital processes to generate their individual visions. From William Arnold’s beautiful sequence of cameraless botanical prints to Mel King’s astronomical cyanotypes that ‘draw from the heavens’ ; from Andy Hughes iconic Plastic Photo-Totem to Oliver Raymond-Barker’s visceral prints exploring the nature of stone – this show is an exciting exploration into landscape and the material potential of photography.
Photo Pioneer: Photo Primitive is part of an ongoing concern to develop new audiences and opportunities for the photographic arts within Cornwall. Photo Pioneer: Photo Primitive is a partner of the London Alternative Photography Collective.

In association with UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC).